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Windows 10 App Helps Expand TV Fare

Windows 10 App Helps Expand TV Fare
Windows 10 App Helps Expand TV Fare

A new application named "Universal App" for all Windows 10 devices, be it mobile, tablet or desktop, has been released, which allows people to watch live stream television from several countries.

The application, which is free to download via the Windows Store, has listed several countries' free-to-air television channels, including those of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, according to Digiato, a local technology site.

The app viewable through traditional WiFi, 3G and 4G LTE networks has listed traditional IRIB channels as well as digital-only Nasim, Amouzesh, Varzesh, Namayesh, iFilm Farsi and documentary channel Mostanad for Persian speakers.

In addition, the application includes other popular foreign channels, including Dubai's PMC music channel, GEM TV and JJTV1.  The new app also helps viewers link up with Iran's foreign-language channels, such as iFilm English and Al-Alam.

Other language packs include Spanish, Turkish, French, German and Arabic for those respective countries.

Iranian authorities have promoted the development of Internet Protocol TV services in recent months, acknowledging that viewing figures via traditional means are falling over time with younger people using mobile communication and Internet services.