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Iranians Produce Cheap Nanocomposites

Iranians Produce Cheap NanocompositesIranians Produce Cheap Nanocomposites

Iranian researchers have produced special nanocomposites applicable in energy, electronics and computer fields, a new study revealed.

According to Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, Iranian researchers used natural and cheap raw materials to produce special nanocomposites applicable in energy, electronics and computer fields.

The mechanism to produce this nanocomposite is based on green chemistry principles that lower environmental pollution during the production.

Electromagnetic composites are components with numerous applications in sectors such as data storage devices, electrical field magnetic resonance controller and devices to convert magnetic energy to electro-optical one.

Scientists nowadays pay special attention to these compounds due to their wide applications. Showing magnetic and electrical properties at the same time is the unique advantage of these materials.

"Self-combustion sol-gel method was used to produce the nanocomposite. This method is simple, quick and economic, and it has very high efficiency," Masoud Salavati Niasari, the lead researcher, explained.

Maltose (saccharide of malt sprout or malt sugar) was used as a natural and harmless raw material in the production of nanocomposite as a reducing agent. Operational cost decreases in this method due to the application of nitrate salts as precursor.