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Top Apps, Websites Announced

Top Apps, Websites Announced
Top Apps, Websites Announced

The eighth edition of Iran's Mobile App and Website Festival was held in Tehran this week.

Held at Iran's National Library, the event introduced the top mobile applications and websites based on the votes of users and the opinions of appointed jurors.

According to the local technology news website IT Iran, the top five applications introduced this year were Digikala, Jaar, ZoodFood, Takhfifan and Nazdika.

Jaar brings to its users the front pages of all the newspapers published each day. Users are redirected to the original websites when selecting a news piece that they would like to read on.

Online food delivery websites are also on the rise in Iran, which explains why ZoodFood (recently merged with Bodofood) has managed to top the list.

Similar to Groupon, Takhfifan informs users of different outlets around town that are offering their services at a discount in exchange for a coupon provided by the website. Services come in a wide range, including gyms, restaurants and shops.

Similar to foreign prototypes such as Swarm or Foursquare, Nazdika delivers updates on events that are going on in the area you are in. It also allows you to catch up on the activities of your friends, as they check in to different places and post updates.    

The top five websites announced were Faranesh, Zarinpal, Jaar, Taskulu and Digikala.

Faranesh delivers online educational courses on a range of issues. The educational courses are broadcast in video format, all of which is provided by users.  

Zarinpal is an online escrow system in which a bond, deed, or other documents are kept in the custody of a third party, taking effect only when a specified condition has been fulfilled.

Taskulu is a role-based project management platform.