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Bill Gates Sides With FBI

Bill Gates Sides With FBIBill Gates Sides With FBI

Bill Gates says Apple should help the FBI break open the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone.  Talking to the Financial Times, Gates said this was a very specific case: "They are not asking for some general thing."  Gates has taken a different view compared to major tech companies: Facebook, Google and Twitter have all sided with Apple's stance after a judge ruled that the company needs to help the FBI unlock the shooter's phone to assist in their terrorism investigations. FBI Director James Comey has also insisted that this case is very narrow and that the bureau "doesn't want to break anyone's encryption". Gates added that rules were necessary as to when information could be accessed.  "I hope that we have that debates so that the safeguards are built."  While Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has not said anything directly, a spokesperson for the company has pointed media's attention to a Reform Government Surveillance statement, which opposes the order. Microsoft is a member of RGS.