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2nd Round of AI Challenge in March

2nd Round of AI Challenge in March
2nd Round of AI Challenge in March

Sharif University of Technology will be hosting an international event known as Sharif Artificial Intelligence Challenge 2016.

The event has been organized by the university's Computer Engineering Faculty. The main goals are to assess the skills of contestants in the realm of coding and monitor the abilities of the teams in their use of AI algorithms, IRNA reported.    

Enthusiasts willing to take part must form teams of three. The technical team behind the competition will have created a game with a special set of rules. The contesting teams will have to create a program that will be used for taking part in the game.

Three programming languages, namely Python, C++ and Java, can be used. The team that gathers the most points will be announced winner.

According to the event website, the competition was originally titled "JavaChallenge", but during its eighth year, "we've decided to add support for C++ and Python. Hence, the name "AI Challenge"."

The statement further reads that the only prerequisite to enter the competition is familiarity with one of the three programming languages. But, knowledge of algorithmic thinking and artificial intelligence will be a great asset for any of the participating teams.

In the first round, held on February 9-17, 513 teams from 40 countries went online and competed. Eventually, 32 teams made it to the next round.

The second round of the challenge has been scheduled for March 2-3.

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