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Local Analytics Website Launched

Local Analytics Website Launched
Local Analytics Website Launched

A new online platform has been launched that allows users to find the "best" website from among the thousands in different fields.

Registered as, the website allows users to vote for websites which they think are the best of their kind.

Brandsanj ultimately introduces users' top picks. It also compares domestic websites with international standards and reveals the results, local technology website Webna reported.  

Primarily, the website aims to promote local online brands and help customers discern the most trustworthy ones.

The information provided by Brandsanj is also valuable to website owners eager to get a better perception of the pros and cons of their site.

Much like other analytics websites, by using Brandsanj, website owners will be able to read up on the age, gender and educational background of their visitors as well as the top cities they have been getting hits from.

The data is then compared with those available on rival websites.

Aside from user choice, multiple criteria—such as design and support—are factored in before a website is ranked.