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Samsung Closing on Apple’s Lead

Samsung Closing on Apple’s LeadSamsung Closing on Apple’s Lead

Parks Associates, an analytical firm, has announced Samsung is catching up with Apple for the first time. The latter currently controls 40% of the local mobile market, but the South Korean giant is quickly catching up with 31%. Samsung’s US expansion is definitely impressive, but other foreign original equipment manufacturers are exhibiting the same trend, although on a much smaller scale.  Third place on the list goes to LG, with 10% market share and other major brand names like Motorola and HTC have a combined reach of about 5%, according to GSM Arena. On a global scale, Samsung still led the race in 2015, with a total of 324.8 million units shipped, leaving Cupertino at second place with about 231.5 million sales. Another interesting trend in the report is smartphone upgrade cycles. The numbers show that about a third of users of iOS (an operating system used for mobile devices manufactured by Apple) still own a handset that is more than two years old, while only 30% of Samsung users are on a device as dated.