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4G Expansion Projected

4G Expansion Projected4G Expansion Projected

Iran has projected that its major cities will receive 4G Internet coverage by the end of the next Iranian fiscal year (March 20, 2017).  

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi also said 460 cities currently have 3G Internet coverage while 160 more will receive 4G coverage, ISNA reported.  

The minister, who was attending a meeting of the workgroup for developing e-governance in Ahvaz, noted that 27 cities in the province of Khuzestan have 3G coverage while 12 more have received 4G coverage.  

Ahvaz is the capital of Khuzestan, located in southwest Iran.

Vaezi noted that till now 6 trillion rials ($170 million at market exchange rate) have been allocated to expanding Internet in rural areas and the amount is set to reach 9 trillion rials ($255 million) in the next Iranian year (starts March 20, 2016).

To implement the development of e-governance in the province, “we must take Internet to all villages. This will ease living conditions of villagers and reduce the digital gap between urban and rural areas”, he said.

“Since our last visit to Khuzestan, the infrastructures for the data transfer network have improved to a great extent. The demands of the province can be fully met in terms of internal and external IP networks.”

Vaezi added that the ministry will lend the needed support to investors from the private sector that wish to operate in the realm of ICT.

During his visit, the minister also attended the inauguration of the first computer emergency, information and backup center in southwest Iran. The ceremony was held in Chamran University, Ahvaz.    

“Apart from delivering cyber-security services in the region, this center will hopefully boost the level of knowledge among the professors and students here,” he said.  

Vaezi further said a deal for increasing bandwidth and providing the university with high-speed Internet “should soon be drafted”.

Speaking at the same ceremony, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology Nassrollah Jahangard added that 5 billion rials ($142,000) have been invested in the project.

“The center will mainly focus on empowering human resources in state institutions and private firms as well as other entities that require control and security backup services,” he said.

4G LTE or Long Term Evolution is a growing phenomenon around the world with emerging markets, such as Iran using the recently developed technology to kick-start business proceedings in a digital fashion.