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Broadband Expansion Projects Unveiled

Broadband Expansion Projects UnveiledBroadband Expansion Projects Unveiled

Iran's government has made a new push to develop the country's broadband infrastructure, called Fajr, to get more people online in a short space of time.

The initiative includes three sub-projects known as Talash 2 and Tajmi 1 and 2. Present at the event was the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi, YJC reported.

The minister said that with the increasing Internet and bandwidth use, it is necessary to expand communications infrastructures.

"This project has been developed with full force over a limited period of time and is the first step in boosting the ICT sector," he said.

Vaezi added that with the development of infrastructures, several problems in the field of telecommunications will be removed.

Talash 2 is focused on the development of transport layers within the infrastructure network and will increase the capacity of communication infrastructures.

The minister noted that with the implementation of the project, local bandwidth (data transfer) successfully increased from 2,500 to 3,300 Gbps.

Vaezi noted that data network access will also increase fivefold with the implementation of the other two sub-projects; Tajmi 1 and 2.

He urged officials at the Communications Regulatory Authority to devise innovative methods for delivering services.

"More permits should be issued in the area of telecoms," he said, while adding that the prerequisite to such a development is having the necessary infrastructure in place. The minister added that with the lifting of sanctions on Iran, many foreign firms and investors have shown interest in Iran's ICT sector.

"What must be taken into consideration in future cooperation with foreign firms is for them to transfer technologies while Iranian firms continue to indigenize knowhow," he said.   

While under sanctions, Iran managed to become self-sufficient in many technological areas and manufactured local products of high quality and at a low cost.

"The entry of foreign firms must not undermine the efforts of local firms," he said.  

Vaezi further said one of the most pressing matters in the area of information technology is content production and encouraging the activities of companies working in this area.

"Aside from the fact that this division is a revenue-maker, there are several potential job opportunities in this realm that should be exploited," he said.