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Tehran, Beijing Expanding Technology Coop.

Tehran, Beijing Expanding Technology Coop.
Tehran, Beijing Expanding Technology Coop.

Iran's Presidential Office for Science and Technology and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and China Academy of Science have signed various memoranda of understanding in the fields of science and technology during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Tehran.

The creation of Silk Road Science Fund, establishment of advanced technology parks in association with China, development of nanotechnology centers and establishment of an Iranian center for exporting therapeutic plants in China are among the most important MoUs signed in the field of science and technology, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council reported.

The joint financial fund entitled Silk Road Science Fund facilitates the provision of financial support by holding joint research and workshops and exchanging researchers and university lecturers. Advanced fields of cooperation include nanotechnology, cognitive sciences, new energies and medical equipment.

The two sides agreed to establish technology parks in Iran during the visit of the Chinese President to Iran.

Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council and Suzhou Technology Park agreed to expand the activities of Iran-China Nano Center located in Suzhou Park in Nanopolis area.