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Enters Telecom Italia

Enters Telecom Italia Enters Telecom Italia

TI Sparkle, the international services arm of Telecom Italia Group, has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Telecommunications Infrastructure Company of Iran for the expansion of its Global Internet Protocol Backbone with a new IP point of presence in Iran. Through the new POP, the company will be able to support the increasing demand for IP services coming from the local market and neighboring countries and accelerate the development of digital and value added services in the country, according to a press release from Telecom Italia. This new IP platform will provide national and international players access to the Internet with optimized performance and scalability through TI Sparkle’s Seabone Global Tier-1 IP transit backbone. TIC announced that the partnership offers a good opportunity for having close collaboration with TI Sparkle. “TIC is engaged in providing domestic and international telecommunication services to their customers in Iran and to further improve the services to their customers who are seeking high capacity in international connectivity,” the press release said.