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Stem Cell Tech to Help Cure Diseases

Stem Cell Tech to Help Cure Diseases
Stem Cell Tech to Help Cure Diseases

Iranian researchers have produced laboratorial samples of scaffolds made of nanofibers to produce cells from stem cells to cure diseases.

The researchers produced the samples to cure diseases, including diabetes and liver diseases that kill a large proportion of Iranians. Treatment of malfunctioning organs such as insulin-producing cells in the treatment of diabetes is one of the unsolved mysteries. In many cases, organ transplant is considered an optional therapy in the treatment of liver, lung or pancreatic diseases, according to INIC.

However, problems related to this therapeutic method include the few number of compatible transplant organs, side effects of surgery, transplant rejection and high expense. Therefore, therapeutic cells can be considered a replacement to overcome these problems. Human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) are potentially able to be distinguished from all other human tissue cells. Therefore, it is known as an unlimited source for cell therapy in clinical applications.

The formation of definitive endoderm cell is the first and the most important step in the growth of organs such as pancreas and liver in vertebrates. Therefore, the production of this cell guarantees the production of all types of effective cells in the treatment of diseases related to organs such as diabetes and liver.

Therefore, the aim of the research was to produce initial endoderm cells with high efficiency from hiPSCs on nanofibrous scaffolds.

Results of the research may help distinguish stem cells from hepatocytes and insulin-producing cells to cure liver diseases and diabetes.