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Iran, China to Broaden ICT Coop.

Iran, China to Broaden ICT Coop.
Iran, China to Broaden ICT Coop.

Iran and China have been negotiating a deal to cooperate on Iran's fiber optic and satellite projects, said Iran's minister of communications and information technology.  

According to Mahmoud Vaezi, the two countries have formed a joint committee specialized in the areas of communications and information technology cooperation.

On Friday, Vaezi and Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Miao Wei signed documents for expansion of cooperation in research and development of Iran's ICT systems and infrastructure.

Iranian and Chinese officials signed 17 memorandums of understanding on the sidelines of the meeting between President Hassan Rouhani and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Tehran on Jan. 23.

"Cooperating with Iranian ICT firms, our Chinese counterparts will be transferring technologies and technical knowledge," Vaezi said.

The minister noted that to expand technological cooperation, Chinese technology firm Huawei will be setting up a data center in Iran.

Iran's main fourth telecoms operator, also known as "Iranian Net", has been working to develop Iran's fiber optic network, However, the plans have fallen behind schedule, the company announced.

Vaezi earlier said Iranian Net had also been negotiating a deal with MTN to complete the project, but no further details were released.