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UAE Hotel Offers World's Fastest Web

UAE Hotel  Offers World's Fastest WebUAE Hotel  Offers World's Fastest Web

1.2 Gbps is some speed to enjoy on any Internet connection. But when you are treated to this unrivaled browsing experience in a lush hotel in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, you are bound to have an unforgettable experience.  The managers of Jannah Burj Al Sarab in Mina have confirmed that their hotel’s Internet speed is better than any other hotel on the Earth. They’ve measured themselves up against the competition at a portal that goes by the name of The upgrades seems to have done ample good not only for those who need to book a hotel that does not hinder their video conferences but also for those who have been loyal customers.  The current speed is a significant upgrade from the former 270 Mbps. For the number-huggers, the world’s average Internet speed is 100–250 Mbps, whereas the highest measured speed in Abu Dhabi is 240 Mbps, leaps ahead of Dubai’s 48 Mbps.