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Iran Gets More Internet

Iran Gets More Internet
Iran Gets More Internet

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi said Iran’s Internet bandwidth has grown 3.5x in two years and hit the capacity of 276 GB per second data transfer rate.

Vaezi made the announcement at the Fifth Conference on E-Banking in Tehran on Monday, according to Mehr News Agency.

“The international internet bandwidth has broadened from 72 GB/s to 276 GB/s in the last two years and the country’s IP capacity has also increased fivefold,” he said.

Vaezi added that the ministry’s future plans include boosting the bandwidth capacity of national network, increasing local content in cyberspace and full coverage of e-government services.

“Iran’s foreign relations in the field of communications and information technology are developing and with the removal of sanctions, normal conditions will return to our foreign relations and economic growth will thrive,” he said.

Vaezi considered attracting foreign capital and technology as the most important goals of foreign policy for economic growth.

“It is imperative to create appropriate conditions in our foreign relations so that we can retain our position in presenting domestic products in global markets,” he said.