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Iran Launches “Robodoc” Program

Iran Launches “Robodoc” ProgramIran Launches “Robodoc” Program

Iran’s Research Institute for Information and Technology has begun to develop a new social robot, named "Robodoc", which aims to function as a research assistant in science and research projects.

To create synergy among the scientific fields of computational linguistics, information technology engineering, cognitive science and management of research information are among the goals pursued by the project, said the team behind it. As a robotic assistance, Robodoc will be enabled to assist the researchers in various stages, including creating idea, data collection, data organizing, providing reports and publishing research findings, The Iran Project reported. The Robodoc development team will include researchers from a variety of fields, including robotics, artificial intelligence and semantic analyses, teaming up to get the project off the ground.

Earlier, Iranian researchers from the Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, developed a medical robotic assistant by combining polygonal robot with mechatronic arms.  The research program follows similar robotic endeavors at the Amir Kabir University Robot Championship Cup, in which 21 school teams and 69 university teams battled out for the crown in a competition in November 2015.