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Searches for “Iran” Up 10%

Searches for “Iran” Up 10%
Searches for “Iran” Up 10%

Online searches using the word “Iran” in English and Persian scripts have jumped 10% during the past few days, according to Google.

The leading country heading this trend is surprisingly Iran, with Iraq and the UAE following respectively.

The breakout term for related searches is Nimr al-Nimr, the recent criminal execution of the Shia cleric in Saudi Arabia written in English and Persian scripts. Iraq leads the search results for the word with Saudi Arabia and Iran following in second and third place.

In the queries section, “Iran Arabie Saoudite” is another leading term with search queries exceeding 4,000%. Google does not say which country is searching for this, however one could assume it is a French-speaking country, most probably France.

In third place is “Al Nimr” written in Arabic script, which raises the search results with Saudi Arabia leading the search enquiries for the recently martyred cleric.

“Saudi Arabien” is the next breakout search term with Germany leading the search queries for the recent events.

The top related search term for this week is “Saudi Arabia” written in English, followed by “Al Saud” written in Arabic, with Saudi Arabia leading the search queries for the recent events between Iran and their country over the execution of Sheikh Nimr.

Yemen follows Saudi Arabia, with Kuwait in third place searching for news of this highly deplorable event.