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Windows 10 Grabs 10% Market Share

Windows 10 Grabs 10% Market Share Windows 10 Grabs 10% Market Share

Launched around five months ago, Windows 10 now claims nearly 10% (9.96% to be exact) of the desktop operating system market share, according to the latest data from market research firm Net Applications. That’s an increase of just under 1% from November, when the share was exact 9%. Since its market share rose 1.06% in October-November, the growth seems to have slowed down, although only a little. For those who are not in the know, the rise in Windows 10’s share has been around 1% for the past few months now, according to GSM Arena. Windows 7 is still the most popular Windows OS with close to 56% market share. Among other older versions, Windows 8.1, 8, Vista and XP now have a market share of 10.3%, 2.76%, 1.62%, and 10.93%, respectively. However, all versions except Windows 10 saw a dip in their share last month. Overall, Windows claimed over 91.3% share of the OS market, down 0.07% compared to November. Other operating systems such as Mac and Linux claimed 7.02% and 1.66% share, respectively. There are currently no statistics from the Iranian market.