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Kids Search Engine Created

Kids Search Engine CreatedKids Search Engine Created

Keeping kids away from questionable content while they surf the web is an ongoing battle and there’s a new site that’s looking to help.

Thinga, a kid-friendly search engine, offers answers to children’s queries from the company’s own content library, white-listed sites or privacy-minded search site DuckDuckGo. It comes from a Yahoo Kids alum who worked on that kid-focused project before it shut down a while back.

Those search results are vetted by the team at Thinga to make sure they are appropriate, Engadget writes.

This site is meant for elementary schoolchildren and organizes content in sections like Video, Cool and Animals if a user is not looking for something specific.

What’s more, the search engine is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and boasts parental controls, too. While it’s web-only for now, Thinga is accessible on mobile and there are plans for native apps.