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Internet Bandwidth to Reach 4 Tbps

Internet Bandwidth to Reach 4 TbpsInternet Bandwidth to Reach 4 Tbps

Iran’s Internet bandwidth is expected to increase to 4 terabits per second in the coming months, said the minister of communications and information technology.  Pointing to the recent developments in the field of communications, Mahmoud Vaezi noted that increasing bandwidth can help boost economic growth and accelerate the development of relevant infrastructures, local technology website Zoomit reported. The official added that with the prospect of the easing of western-imposed sanctions on Iran, the telecommunications infrastructures will develop further. Vaezi added that Internet bandwidth has increased from the previous 620 gigabytes per second and is now 3 terabits per second. On a different note, the minister said the National Center of Cyberspace is investigating the issue of the government offering official video call services and the issue will be decided soon.