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Share of World ICT Meager

Share of World ICT Meager Share of World ICT Meager

The global annual worth of financial transactions in the field of information technology amounts to $3.8 trillion, of which Iran has a meager share of $6 billion, said the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s deputy for technology and innovation. Amir Hossein Davai also told IRNA that to increase Iran’s share, the country must obtain scientific skills and provide investment for companies that present innovative ideas. The official added that 70% of all financial transactions in the field have been logged by Silicon Valley giants. “The transactions of Twitter, Yahoo, Google and Oracle amounted to $2 trillion last year,” he said. Nasrollah Jahangard, the head of Iran’s Information and Technology Organization, had previously said the share of Information and communications technology in the country’s gross domestic product is just 2.7%, though the figure is projected to double by the end of the sixth five-year economic development plan (2016-21).