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Gov't Promoting Knowledge Economy Overseas

Gov't Promoting Knowledge Economy OverseasGov't Promoting Knowledge Economy Overseas

Iran will be setting up three centers abroad for promoting the export of knowledge-based products, an official at the Presidential Office's Science and Technology Department said.  According to Rouhollah Estiri, the three centers will be established in Central Asia, Africa and Latin America.  The centers are trade-oriented and aim to facilitate the export of Iranian knowledge-based products and services such as research, consultancy, investment, planning and setting up commercial offices. Both local and foreign employees will be hired at the center, IRNA quoted Estiri as saying. To increase the export of knowledge-based products last year, Iran set up similar centers in China, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Oman.   In the same sector, the Iranian government has introduced incentives to help fledgling companies evolve into profitable businesses. It also helps companies register inventions while upholding their patent rights.  Aside from granting low-interest loans, the companies are also assisted in obtaining international permits and registering trade logos. Furthermore, the firms are offered educational courses with a focus on trade and exports.