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Iran, Russia to Strengthen Space, Aviation Links

Iran, Russia to Strengthen Space, Aviation Links
Iran, Russia to Strengthen Space, Aviation Links

Iran and Russia have discussed ways of expanding scientific and technological cooperation, particularly in the fields of space and aviation industries.

In a meeting with Russian Trade Minister Denis Manturov on Wednesday, Iran’s Vice President of Science and Technology Sorena Sattari noted that a considerable amount of foreign investment in the post-sanctions era in Iran will be allocated to the field of transport, Mehr News Agency reported.

Sattari added that aviation industry, rail transportation, equipment and technical knowledge relevant to these fields will present perfect opportunities for Russia to grow its presence in the Iranian market.

He deemed specialized human resources and the country’s infrastructure the main source of attraction for foreign investors.

“In the post-sanctions era, Iran’s aviation industry will attract the most amount of investment, since the industry has been sanctioned for over 40 years, so those with both the technology and the capital will have the most chances of success in Iran’s aviation market,” he said.

Sattari then highlighted the significance of the space domain in bilateral cooperation, saying Iran-Russia High Commission for Technology Cooperation will bring mutual interactions in the field to a satisfactory level.

The Russian minister maintained that Russia’s Ministry of Trade and Industry is keen on undertaking joint investment in Iran in the fields of aviation industry, helicopters, locomotives, automobiles and energy.

He added that in case the Iranian side is interested, Russia would provide Iranian airlines with aviation equipment and find ways of removing obstacles on the way of developing bilateral ties.

Manturov arrived in Iran to attend the Russian National Industrial Fair themed “Trade and Industrial Dialogue: Russia and Iran” from 21-23 Dec. 2015 at the head of a delegation.

The event is expected to give further impetus to efforts strengthening trade and economic relations between the two countries and help Russian industrial companies gain ground in Iran.