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Sharif University to Host 6th CTF

Sharif University to Host 6th CTF
Sharif University to Host 6th CTF

This year’s “Capture the Flag” contest hosted by Sharif University of Technology will be held during February 5-10, 2016, in Tehran.

CTF is a special kind of information security competition that features three categories: jeopardy, attack-defense and mixed.

In Sharif’s CTF, teams put to test their technical abilities in a jeopardy-style competition. It is held online on February 5 and continues for 30 hours. All professionals, college and high school students can participate, IRNA reported.

Jeopardy-style CTF includes a number of tasks in a range of categories, such as web, forensic and binary among others. Teams gain points for every task they solve; the more complicated the task, the more points they will earn.

The next task in a chain can be opened only after the team solves the previous task. When time is over, the team with the highest points is declared the winner.

The CTF, however, is part of a larger event held annually by SUT. Other events include presentations of innovative techniques where a select number of submissions from researchers working in the field are accepted. Presentations must feature innovative, applied and practical ideas in the fields of computer and network security.

A range of workshops have also been scheduled. Details on the time and subjects of the workshops will be announced later.

The first edition of Sharif University’s CTF contest was held in 2012 and since then several other universities around Iran started hosting similar events and hackathons.

The sixth edition of the contest will be held at the university’s Department of Computer Engineering.

Enthusiasts may refer to the event’s website at for more information.