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100k Websites Hosted in Iran

100k Websites Hosted in Iran
100k Websites Hosted in Iran

Domestic servers are currently hosting about 100,000 websites and their numbers will rapidly increase in the near future, as capacity increases, a deputy head of Information Technology Organization of Iran said.

Ali Asghar Ansari also told Mehr News Agency on Sunday that currently some 100,000 websites are being hosted by Iranian servers while one of the top priorities of the organization is to attract investment in developing the country’s hosting capacity and provide the private sector with ample opportunity to take advantage of this field.

“We plan to provide suitable conditions in which all Iranian sites, which are hosted abroad due to the high costs here, will instead be hosted by domestic servers,” he said.

The official maintained that the 100,000 websites hosted by Iran include both private and state-run websites, of which 50% bear the .ir domain and the rest is divided among .com, .net and .org domains.

Ansari had previously said hosting popular non-Iranian websites inside the country would be possible, once international content delivery networks become available in Iran.

The CDNs will be launched in Iran with the aim of localizing Internet traffic, enhancing Internet service quality and optimizing bandwidth.