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Iranians Develop Superior Lithium-Ion Batteries

Iranians Develop Superior Lithium-Ion BatteriesIranians Develop Superior Lithium-Ion Batteries

Iranian researchers from a knowledge-based company have developed the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries for telecommunications applications.

Lithium-ion batteries are the latest generation of batteries and the world trend shows a rising change in their application. The batteries enjoy a wide range of superior characteristics compared with traditional rivals, such as longer lifespan, cost-effectiveness, environment friendlier due to the absence of pollutants like acid and lead, lower weight, long-distance monitoring capability, user safety and fast-charging capability, Mehr News Agency writes.

The knowledge-based firm Farpam has improved the power storage technology to replace traditional lead-acid batteries in telecom tower companies. These batteries are used to store and supply electricity to telecom towers when grid power fails and are more reliable in terms of providing uninterrupted power supplies. The Iranian li-ion batteries have a high-energy density and are marked by 50% reduction in size and weight.

The domestic product can also withstand temperatures from minus 20 degrees up to 65 degrees Celsius. It can also be remotely controlled because it contains a baseboard management controller board.

The threefold hike in their lifespan has brought about an added value of 6-7%.

The Iranian lithium-ion batteries have applications in telecommunications and military industries or any other industry that uses emergency power.