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Low-Cost Solar Panels Developed

Low-Cost Solar Panels Developed
Low-Cost Solar Panels Developed

Iranian researchers from Shiraz University have developed a new method using nanostructures to produce more efficient solar cells.

Increasing the efficiency of solar cells has always been a serious concern in energy production industries and researchers intend to optimize the processes to produce new devices to boost power production from sunlight in solar cells at the lowest possible cost, Mehr News Agency reported.

Constant surface is the major problem in increasing the efficiency of solar cells. The problem has been solved in this research by creating a nanometric film on the surface that traps more optical photons.

According to Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, nanometric films were developed on micrometric pyramidal layers by using catalytic expulsion characteristics of silver nanoparticles in comparison with silicon, which minimizes light reflection.

Taking into consideration the crystalline malfunctions created on the surface of solar cells due to the nanometric expulsion, the surface deactivation process has been carried out by using hydrogen plasma.

The combination of optical and electrical methods results in the production of single crystalline silicon-based solar cells with an efficiency of over 18%. The product has 23% efficiency higher in optical current and 4% in open circuit voltage in comparison with samples without using nanostructures.

The Iranian solar panel industry is still in its early stages, however funding from the government and research grants by some ministries have helped promote the industry.