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Ticket Buying Site Launched

Ticket Buying Site Launched
Ticket Buying Site Launched

A new website that sells online tickets to local and international air destinations has been launched in Iran.

The portal,—similar to international online booking sites, aims to offer the best prices for flights both domestic and foreign.  

The site claims to be linked with booking agents through the backdoor to compare prices,Webna reports. It also offers tours to international destinations as well as hotel booking service inside Iran.

BuyTicket is not the first online holiday booking portal to come online in Iran, but it is the first to attempt to offer international flights and tours, along with hotel bookings in the same panel.

The site claims to be part of the eNamad online payment protection system, thougheNamad does not list them. is an indigenously developed online security ombudsman for internally developed websites handling e-commerce.

The site does not claim to be a member of IATA, the international tour booking operators’ association.