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Fifth of UK Broadband Lines Use Netflix

Fifth of UK Broadband Lines Use Netflix
Fifth of UK Broadband Lines Use Netflix

Some 18% of UK broadband households used subscription video-on-demand service Netflix in the past 30 days, according to new research from Parks Associates.

The study claims that 58% of UK broadband homes used a video streaming service or player in the past month, with 33% using the BBC’s free iPlayer service and 20% using the ad-supported ITV Player.

“The fact that a growing number of consumers are willing to pay for subscription services when there are free options like iPlayer andother broadcaster-based sites or apps shows strong appetite for video among consumers,” said Parks Associates’ research director, Brett Sappington.

“Netflix, the clear leader in the US, entered Europe with high expectations. Subscriber growth has been slow in several parts of Europe, but with no dominant leaders in subscription services, Netflix and other entrants are gaining a foothold.”

Parks said that in Germany, Amazon Instant Video had the highest rate of use and was accessed by 17% of broadband households, compared to second-place Netflix at 6%.

The research firm added that among broadband households, 57% in the UK, Germany, Spain and France own at least one Internet-connected consumer electronics device–like a smart TV, smart Blu-ray player, PVR, gaming console, or streaming media device.

In an October NPR report, the American radio station contacted several technology companies, including Apple, Google and Cisco.

At the time, the only company that had plans to enter the Iranian market was Netflix. However, when Financial Tribune contacted them to confirm the report, the online video company failed to respond to our requests.