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Avatech Cycle 3 Begins

Avatech Cycle 3 Begins Avatech Cycle 3 Begins

Avatech Accelorator, one of Iran's leading technology startup centers, has recently announced its third group of startup companies for their official "Cycle 3" intake program. New companies in this group include Nazarbazaar, an app that lets users answer questions and earn a wage from answering them. Startup companies also met some of the local mentors who advise and help the startups find their pace. Some of the big hitters include Mohsen Malayeri, Sara Usinger and Banafsheh Moini to name a few who introduced themselves and set the stage for pushing the companies forward. Reyhoon food ordering startup, Dimana property website and Akhbar Rasmi, a local PR news web distributor, are some of the success stories that have emerged from this program. Avatech is just one of a growing number of startup accelerators in the Iranian capital, with Dmond Accelerator and MAPS to name just a couple of the other well-known companies jostling to grab the startup spotlight in recent months and host small companies.