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Nanokit Helps Rapid DNA Extraction

Nanokit Helps Rapid DNA ExtractionNanokit Helps Rapid DNA Extraction

Researchers of a knowledge-based company have developed special kits that make rapid extraction of DNA in high purity possible. Alireza Babazadeh, the main researcher of the project, told Mehr News Agency that the kit would be used in extracting DNA or RNA from blood, food and plants.

“Nucleic acids extraction is an important step before molecular, biochemical and diagnostic tests. The market provides kits for purification and extraction of nucleic acids from plant, animal and human tissues,” he said.

Kits imported from foreign countries have significant levels of dangerous chemicals. However, the Nanokit does not use any chemical compound.

DNA extraction could last up to 4 hours using imported kits, while Babazadeh’s nanotech kit extracts high-purity DNA within half an hour.

“In terms of price, our kit is less than half the price of imported kits and includes other parts along with the package, which the imported packages lack,” he said.

“The extracted DNA or RNA does not need to be centrifuged and is highly pure. All biotechnological research centers (medical, agricultural, biological, environmental and industrial food sectors) could use the kit.”