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Gaming Popular Among Iranians

Gaming Popular Among IraniansGaming Popular Among Iranians

Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace has announced that 25 million Iranian gamers spend an hour and a half playing videogames every day.

According to technology website Digiato, this accounts for 32% of the population of Iran, which is why Saeed Ameli, a member of SCC, said statistics highlight the need for more national computer game centers.

The official added that aside from the entertainment aspect of games, developers need to focus on creating educational and cultural content as well.

The questions that arise, however, are whether the infrastructures needed for the development of the gaming industry exist to render gaming into a profitable enterprise and also whether the investments allocated to this sector are sufficient.

Iranians are no stranger to gaming at the international level, with some leading computer players going to play abroad.

Earlier in November, an Iranian gamer called Kiarash Shokouhi, participated in the FIFA 2016 category of the Electronic Sports World Cup at the Paris Game Week, and finished at fourth place, according to Mehr News Agency.

Iran has garnered one gold medal in the international gaming events so far this year and is ranked 20th among 31 countries that have won medals in all the editions of the ESWC.

With more than 38 million Internet users and 20 million gamers, Iran is the largest growing videogames market in the Middle East.