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Jabra to Expand Iran Market Share

Jabra to Expand Iran Market ShareJabra to Expand Iran Market Share

Jabra, an American high-end audio brand that produces and markets a range of headphones and headsets, detailed its plans for expanding its market share in Iran last week.

Darcy Clarkson, the senior vice president of the Copenhagen-based company, introduced Jabra’s latest products that have entered Iran’s market and their domestic business strategies.

According to local technology website Zoomit, Clarkson said Jabra intends to become the leading brand for wireless sports headphones in Iran.

Clarkson, who was previously the vice president for product line management and global sales, marketing and business development at the American data storage company Seagate, noted that Jabra has an official dealership in Iran.

“We are trying hard to prevent our goods from entering the market via unofficial channels,” he said.

Jabra is a popular brand and has an official dealership at Iran Mobile Market Mall on Tehran’s Hafez Street where the company’s products are sold alongside products from the leading German headphone company Sennheiser.

The Iranian company, Namdaran, is the official representative of the brand and has recently opened a second shop in Tehran’s high-end Palladium Mall on Moqaddas Arbedili Street.

One reason for the brand’s increasing popularity is that it continued to operate in Iran even when western sanctions were imposed.

When asked about the company’s plans regarding the problem of smuggling, Clarkson said the issue of contraband goods is not exclusive to Iran, as the same troubles persist in North America.

“What we have done in both the North American and the European region is to implement a legal representatives program so that customers can identify the official retailers and shop without having to worry about whether or not the product is original,” he said.

“To avoid smuggling in Iran, what we plan to do is to import our latest products and distribute them under close supervision,” he said.

When asked if Jabra plans to sell its products with special offers in cooperation with mobile phone handsets, Clarkson said, “The company does not currently have any such plans for Iran’s market.”

Iran’s headphone market is hot with the technology markets offering a wide range of brands, including Phillips, Sony, Creative and even Beats by Dr. Dre and Urbanears among countless more. Most models, however, do not have official dealerships in Iran.