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Iran Produces Omega-3 Nanocapsules

Iran Produces Omega-3 Nanocapsules Iran Produces Omega-3 Nanocapsules

Iranian researchers produced nanocapsules containing omega-3 oil at laboratorial scale in association with an Iranian enterprise active in the food industry.

According to Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, nanocapsules containing omega-3 oil, which has many health benefits, can be mass produced.

The production of encapsulated fish oil and adding it to foodstuff is one of the methods of increasing the consumption of omega-3 unsaturated fat oil.

In case it is produced in the form of nanocapsule, it will increase the nutritive value of the product.

According to Rahimeh Esfahani, the executor of the plan, the aim of the research is to produce nanocapsules containing omega-3.

To this end, efforts were made to use fish gelatin and acacia gum as the material for encapsulating omega-3 powder.

The combined coacervation method was used to produce omega-3 nanocapsules, which is a simple and cost-effective method.

Protein-polysaccharide complexes have more advantages than lipid capsules due to their high solubility in water and protection of encapsulated materials.

After carrying out complementary tests and starting mass production of the capsules, a new product can be derived from fish oil to be used in foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to spreading health benefits in the society, the new product is a high value added commodity that can be produced locally.