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Iran’s Top ADSL Providers Announced

Iran’s Top ADSL Providers AnnouncedIran’s Top ADSL Providers Announced

Iran’s Communications Regulatory Authority has released the ranking of leading ADSL Internet service providers and selecting Asiatech as the best.

ISPs are assessed on different variables every three months and the results are announced by the overseeing body after collecting the data from public surveys, local technology website Zoomit wrote.

According to Gholamreza Dadashzadeh, a deputy director at ICRA, the results cover the second quarter of the current Iranian year (June 22-September 22) in which 12 companies were assessed.

The criteria factored in included quality, customer support, valuing customers’ rights and loyalty, handling customer complaints, pricing and a range of other services.

HiWeb and Shatel jointly came in second place while Pars Online was the third best company to provide Internet services during Q2. All these companies were rated “Good”.

The two companies that jointly got the “Satisfactory” rating to rank fourth were Fanava and Sabanet, two smaller providers.

The ratings are the average results of scores given by users from 0-20 and announced in four different levels: Very Good, Good, Satisfactory and Poor.    

Dadashzadeh noted that none of the operators managed to score a “Very Good” ranking in the past summer.    

Pishgaman stood at fifth place, with state-owned Telecommunications Company of Iran (Mokhabarat) and Datak Internet both placed at sixth place.

Companies that ranked fifth and lower all fell under the “Poor” category and are expected to improve quality to meet the needs of customers.