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Gaming in Knowledge-Based Category

Gaming in Knowledge-Based CategoryGaming in Knowledge-Based Category

Iranian companies specialized in producing videogames can now register as knowledge-based firms. Iran Computer and Videogames Foundation and the Headquarters for Developing Soft Technologies affiliated to the Presidential Office for science and technology signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the issue, local technology news ICTNA reported. Gaming companies must first refer to the website Their information will primarily be assessed by the headquarters and the foundation will provide any extra information they have on the company. The administration of President Hassan Rouhani has been a major proponent of knowledge-based economy and has in the past few years provided a number of incentives to knowledge-based firms. These include offering tax and customs exemptions, starting an Innovation and Prosperity Fund to support knowledge-based companies and extending cheap loans. Youths proposing innovative ideas in Iran’s booming startup scene have also been exempted from the obligatory military service.