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Iran, Malaysia Hold Joint Workshop

Iran, Malaysia Hold Joint WorkshopIran, Malaysia Hold Joint Workshop

Iranian and Malaysian research centers held the First International Workshop on Electrospinning: Research, Management and Commercialization in Malaysia.

According to a report by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, the workshop was held by the Iranian Society of Nanomedicine, in association with PAHANG University, Malaysia, and a number of other Iranian and Malaysian institutes at Selangor in Malaysia on 6-7 October.

Electrospinning is a process employed to fabricate continuous nanoscaled fibers with diameters in the sub-micrometer to nanometer range by using a high-voltage power supply.

Electrospun fibers and the non-woven webs manufactured from them have attracted significant attention because of their high porosity, small diameter, excellent pore interconnectivity and high surface-to-volume ratio.

Many synthetic and natural polymers, including single and blended polymers, have been electrospun into fibers that can be employed in a variety of applications such as filtration and thermal insulation, and in manufacturing protective clothing, sensors, conducting devices, wound dressings and scaffolds for tissue engineering.

A number of studies have been carried out on the utilization of the electrospinning technique and its products. They included the fabrication of a conducting composite mat for electrical applications and an antibacterial web for a biomedical product.

Electrospinning and its applications are among the most attractive fields in medical nanotechnology and nanomedicine.

 Therefore, one of the purposes of the Iranian Society of Nanomedicine is to organize and support the national and international workshops or seminars to promote and develop this process in Iran.

Three national workshops have so far been organized by the society.