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Startup News Roundup

Startup News RoundupStartup News Roundup

Avatech, one of Tehran’s leading young business accelerators, has announced it will be hosting a “Demo Day” for interested parties on November 12.

Its objective is to see their second round of startups moving through the initial business startup stage.

Demo days are landmarks in the startup calendar, as they allow the business to pitch their idea to a panel of businesses and angel investors, as well as the local technology press. The startups, which have been in the second cycle at the local business center, have so far included such businesses as Rangitar, SmartBeen and Nikprint.

The event will be live streamed for those who cannot make the day from 9:30 a.m. Startups will get the chance to present their achievements and the panel of experts determines which are the prospective million dollar businesses and which may not live much longer.  

For those interested in the event, head to for more information.

In other news, Startup Spark powered by Iran Startups has announced plans to host a new startup event in the northern city of Sari on November 15. It will be inaugurated by Nasser Ghanemzadeh’s speech on “What’s a Startup”. There will be a fireside chat with the startup expert, Kiarash Abbaszadeh, the founder of Zoodfood, which has just merged with Bodofood.

The event is sponsored by,, the Iranian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Sari Municipality and the Sari Branch of Islamic Azad University.

For more information on that event, go to for further details.