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Measure to Improve Vehicles, Parts Quality

Measure to Improve Vehicles, Parts QualityMeasure to Improve Vehicles, Parts Quality

A new regulation has called on the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade and Iranian National Standards Organization to prepare a list of auto parts certified by INSO.

The two bodies will prepare a list of all auto parts used in cars and the overall safety assessment of the vehicle and its parts, and communicate it to the relevant organizations, ISNA reported.

One major reason why customers are dissatisfied with local cars is due to their poor quality. Due to substandard auto parts used in the production of vehicles, several customers complained that the brand new cars they received from the factory had broken down and went straight to repair shops to be fixed.

One customer who had bought a brand new Tiba 2 had just driven his car out the factory before he realized something was wrong.

"I had only driven for a few meters when I saw everybody on the sides of the road signaling to me and warning me of danger. When I pulled over and got out of the car, I realized that all four wheels on the vehicle were barely connected to the car. Instead of four bolts, each wheel had only one."   

Tiba produced by Iran's second largest vehicle manufacturing company, SAIPA, is one of the best-sellers in Iran.       

Even the Minister of Industries, Mining and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh had expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation a few months back by rhetorically asking why locally-made cars break down and must be repaired before having worked even 10,000 kilometers.

This new regulation, which is an amendment to the executive bylaw for supporting customers' rights, has been prepared to help stop the use of poor auto parts.

The amendment is currently being assessed by the Cabinet and once ratified it will be notified and executed.