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BMW Launches 2 Series in Tehran

BMW Launches 2 Series in Tehran
BMW Launches 2 Series in Tehran

 BMW’s local distributor, BMW Persia, has announced it will officially unveil its 2 series coupe in the next few days in Tehran.

The car, not currently available on the grey market, has been earmarked as Bavaria’s answer to the growing small luxury car segment. Fitted between the hatchback 1 series and the larger sportier 3 series, the 2 series aims to catch aspirational buyers, according to Donyaye Khodro.

Persia Khodro has announced the company is taking pre-orders for the vehicle, with a choice of vehicle options.

BMW enthusiasts have already been invited to get a sneak peek at the vehicle in a private event earlier in the week at an undisclosed location in Tehran.

The company declined to give a sale price, but the car will bear the 100% tariff imposed on imported luxury cars.

The event, which will likely be held at their new flagship showroom on Shariati Street, highlights BMW’s gradual buildup for the cessation of sanctions, pegged to begin in January 2016.

The BMW 2 Series comes in three models internationally, including the Coupe and Cabrio, released in 2014.  Active Tourer was first released later in 2014 and Gran Tourer was released in 2015.