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Iran in CeBIT 2016

Iran in  CeBIT 2016 Iran in  CeBIT 2016

Iran will be dispatching eight companies to next year's CeBIT technology festival in the German city of Hannover scheduled for March 14 to 18. With support from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Iran will be sending the country's best tech- and knowledge-based companies to set up a national pavilion, ITIRAN writes. According to the ministry, 70% of the costs of the event will be paid for by the ministry itself, so the small startup companies do not have to foot the bill. Iran has a growing business community in the tech sector with success stories appearing across the globe on a weekly basis. In the 2015 edition of the event, held earlier this year, companies like Hami Edalat Electronics and other small- and medium-sized businesses participated. CeBit last year had over 850,000 visitors. For further information on participation, interested parties can contact the Confederation of Iranian ICT Companies at