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Deal to Use China's BDS Technology

Deal to Use China's BDS Technology
Deal to Use China's BDS Technology

Under a memorandum of understanding between Iran’s Electronics Industries and Chinese BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, Beijing will transfer its BDS technology to Tehran.

China will establish BeiDou ground stations in Iran and IEI (Iran's national space agency) will found a center for space data collection.

Navigation satellite systems have many features and the possibility of using BeiDou BDS services under the management of IEI will be a good opportunity for the country, Mehr News Agency reported.

IEI is the largest electronic conglomerate in Iran and has contributed to the construction of Iran’s satellites such as its first domestically-made satellites Omid, Fajr and Toloo. The company is now in charge of developing Iran’s navigation satellite systems.

Until now, the US had prohibited Iran’s access to high-precision services, but with the transfer of Beidou BDS technology from China, Iran can now enjoy such services and further develop its navigation technology. The BeidDou BDS, contrary to GPS, covers all blind spots across the country.

IEI is planning to hold a seminar on introducing Beidou BDS features on 27 October. Those interested in participating in the event can visit the organization’s site at to fill in the forms. Iran has been widening the use of satellite technology in recent years as a way to cover more remote regions in the country's south and east, which are often not covered by regular services.

The China deal follows discussions with Russia's GLONASS system in recent years to use their satellite technology for the purpose of emergencies and vehicle positioning.