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MTN-Irancell Warns of iOS 9 Bugs

MTN-Irancell Warns of iOS 9 BugsMTN-Irancell Warns of iOS 9 Bugs

Irancell, the country's second largest operator, has officially warned its subscribers of iOS9 bugs and, "strongly advised them not to update the iOS software on their iPhones and iPads until the bugs are thoroughly removed". The announcement by the partly South African-owned telephone network comes from the company's PR Department that never usually gives such dire update warnings.

The group says the latest version of the Apple operating system, iOS 9, has "bugs that cause malfunction in using the 4G/LTE network" and, according to MTN-Irancell, is making all efforts to settle the issue with relevant authorities. Apple released its iOS 9 last Wednesday night to users not locked into specific networks. With the majority of phones in Iran being sold individually, this accounts for nearly 99% of iPhones sold.

The group sent all registered users of Apple products and those using the groups 4G service the following SMS:

"We hereby inform you that subscribers of a number of operators across the world have faced serious problems with 4G/LTE network function when they updated iOS 9 on their iPhones and iPads.  "Irancell is making all efforts to settle the issue with the relevant authorities.”

 Thus, in order to prevent the improper function of your Apple devices when using the MTN-Irancell 4G/LTE network, we strongly advise you to not update iOS 9 on your devices until the bugs are removed by Apple Company.  We will update you as soon as the issue is resolved."