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PepsiCo to Sell Smartphones

PepsiCo to Sell SmartphonesPepsiCo to Sell Smartphones

A representative at PepsiCo has told the Fortune magazine that the company is making smartphones but will not be manufacturing the technology, rather it will team up with a licensing partner, like Nokia does with Foxconn to make their devices after they sold their devices division to Microsoft in 2013.

The spokesperson did not specify who the partner would be or reveal any details about the phone. She simply said that it would be similar to other deals that PepsiCo previously participated in.

The company has licensing partners across a variety of different categories to sell accessories and apparel. In the past, it has teamed up with Bang & Olufsen, a Danish luxury stereo and TV maker, and Del Toro, an Italian shoemaker.

The original report from MobiPicker stated that the phone, Pepsi P1, will have “decent but not high-end specs,” and is expected to be released in Beijing on October 20.

Just one day later, October 21, marks the day Marty McFly time traveled to 2015 in Back to the Future II and enjoyed a futuristic Pepsi. To honor the date, PepsiCo will release its limited edition “Pepsi Perfect” in the same style as it appeared in the film.