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Iranian Develops Non-Polluting Nano-Pesticides

Iranian Develops  Non-Polluting Nano-PesticidesIranian Develops  Non-Polluting Nano-Pesticides

An Iranian researcher has developed biodegradable and biocompatible nano-pesticides that kill pesticides without causing any environmental contamination. Narges Memarizadeh, the project’s director, told Mehr News Agency that many synthesized pesticides currently in use across the world for controlling pests in agriculture harm the environment. To avoid such environmental hazards, she said, her project utilizes nanotechnology to increase the performance and reduce the use of pesticides by creating biodegradable and biocompatible nano-pesticides with less negative effects on the environment. Memarzadeh added that the in vivo study on the nano-pesticide on a mulberry leaf moth as the sample pest revealed a significant decrease in the required dosage of pesticide and environmental hazards. "The nano-pesticide can be used on pistachio, tobacco, citrus, cotton, ornamental plants, lettuce, cabbage and sugarbeets," she said.