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Space Navigation Plans Progress

Space Navigation Plans ProgressSpace Navigation Plans Progress

Plans to launch astronauts into space at Iran's Aerospace Research Institute have progressed by 30%, said Fathollah Omi, the head of the institute. The official added that if contractors lend support, these plans could be completed in a year, IRIB news reported. According to Omi, the articles of association of ARI has improved during the two years that President Hassan Rouhani took office and Iran has made notable progress in the realm of aerospace technologies.  Sending living organisms into space, launching satellites and sub-satellites, and calculating atmospheric indices at different altitudes are some of the ARI projects. "Up to now, we have successfully launched eight rockets. Two other rockets named Tir and Mehr are ready to be launched when the budget is provided," he said.  ARI was inaugurated in 1996 but the center's activities were put on hold for three years. It has now managed to get things back on track with the support of President Hassan Rouhani's administration, which has been a major proponent of science-based economy.