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Google Seeks Help With Arabic-German Translations

Google Seeks Help With Arabic-German TranslationsGoogle Seeks Help With Arabic-German Translations

With Arab migrants flocking to Germany, demand for Google's Arabic-German translation service has surged fivefold. The European Union's top economy this year expects to take in between 800,000 and one million asylum seekers, many from war-torn Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa, AFP reported. "Communication between refugees and aid workers is currently a major challenge," said Google Germany in a statement on Friday. "Many manage with the help of Google Translate, which is why we have seen a fivefold increase of translations from Arabic within Germany this year. "Unfortunately the automatic translators are not always accurate, which is why we ask these Arabic speakers to use their language skills to optimize the translation service." It urged people who speak one of those languages as well as German to lend their expertise via the website to offer better solutions to people's queries.