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Polymeric Nanocomposites to Substitute Steel

Polymeric Nanocomposites to Substitute SteelPolymeric Nanocomposites to Substitute Steel

Iranian researchers have produced polymeric nanocomposite with high thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance to substitute steel.

According to Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), Iranian researchers from the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, in association with researchers from University of Tehran, have produced the polymeric nanocomposite, Mehr News Agency reported.

Nuclear wastes and radioactive contaminants are inevitable due to the significant progress made in nuclear industry and its application in various industries and medical and agricultural issues. It is necessary to store or dispose radioactive wastes according to regulations faced on the unique properties of radioactive materials.

Storage and conservation are among the most important parameters in the management of radioactive wastes, because it is not possible to release those materials in the environment due to their very long lifespan.

Long-term and safe burial of radioactive wastes in the depth of the earth is the most common method. There are advantages in the application of polymers, especially polymeric nanocomposites, to build tanks to store radioactive wastes in comparison with the application of metals or cement.

The very high ratio of strength to weight, appropriate chemical resistance, easy process and cost effectiveness are among the advantages of polymeric nanocomposites. The aim of the research was to study the properties of polymeric nanocomposites reinforced with clay nanoparticles, and to evaluate their properties after being reinforced with carbon fibers. The electron beam effect of the produced nanoparticles has also been investigated in this research.