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Pardakht to Serve Online Retailers

Pardakht to Serve Online RetailersPardakht to Serve Online Retailers

Pardakht E-Commerce Company, an innovative partner for online retailers, has expanded its range in Iran’s logistics sector to serve online retailers.

The upcoming removal of economic sanctions against Iran after the conclusion of the historic nuclear deal between Iran and world powers has prompted many international retailers to consider entering this emerging market, Trade Arabia reported.

Since 2002, Iran’s e-commerce sector has grown at an annual 50% rate and based on official statistics, Iran now has the most number of smartphones, Internet penetration rate and highest e-commerce growth rate in the Middle East.

This $80-million-strong market, two-thirds of which are made up of educated young people under the age of 35, is a very tempting market for international retailers.

Reza Omidsalalari, CEO, said many international companies are considering entering Iran’s market.

“During the last couple of months, we have received feedback from many international retailers speaking about their pains in regard to storage and warehousing, packaging and prompt delivery of their products in Iran. So, as the pioneer of logistics industry in Iran and with our current company resources, we decided to expand our services into logistics management for international retailers,” he said. is officially the first and third largest party fulfillment center in Iran that provides all aspects of fulfillment process of retailers like warehousing, inventory control and reporting, packaging, shipping and cash on delivery services.

Using such fulfillment services, online retailers can ensure their products are packed based on their order and delivered to their customers using Pardakht’s fast and reliable distribution partners.

Pardakht will also provide cloud-based software for retailers to manage their inventory and track shipment, as well as delivery of their products or the status of returned products.