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Iranian, Swiss Companies Sign Technological MoU

Iranian, Swiss Companies Sign Technological MoUIranian, Swiss Companies Sign Technological MoU

A company in the city of Zanjan has signed a memorandum of understanding on technology with a Swiss company to exchange information and experiences and to implement joint projects.

Director General of Zanjan Information Technology and Communications Department Morteza Shahami said at the MoU signing ceremony that a software company of Zanjan Province has signed this MoU with a Swiss firm after two years of negotiations.

“So far, the company from Zanjan has taken effective measures in the field of electronics, including the establishment of infrastructures for the trading of shares in Iran,” Shahami was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.

“The Swiss company is also active in the area of electronic banking with 10 international offices and we hope that this MoU will lead to more cooperation and communication between the two companies.”

Shahami said Iran has high potentials in the field of ICT and should take advantage of young people’s capabilities in this regard.

The official said the aim of the MoU is to build banking and investment systems, expressing hope that the two companies will complement each other and overcome challenges for marketing their products.

“Iran faced trouble making economic exchanges with the world due to SWIFT limitations, which this Swiss company will be able to help circumvent,” he added.

The Swiss company's representative said, “We are making efforts to use the experiences of educated Zanjani youth specialized in the field of IT to remove our company’s weaknesses in Switzerland.

“The signing of this MoU is a great opportunity to produce new systems in stocks and banking areas, and by combining the two companies’ abilities, we will be able to offer our joint products to the market in Europe.”